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MLM or Multilevel Marketing is a system for selling goods and services through the system of distributors. MLM is known as Direct Sales and Network Marketing. Multiple-level Marketing works through recruitment. You are invited to become a (distributor or contractor or consultant or associate) sometimes by the distributor or by the company.


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So if you want to become a distributor with the direct selling company. You will earn money by selling their product and inviting another distributor, by receiving a part of the income these distributors generated. And when these distributors recruit distributors by her self you'll generate money by too. 


The distributors that you join up with your MLM plan and the ones they hire up, in turn, are called you’re downline. The distributor that first recruited you and whoever is before him or her in the recruitment series is called your upline. Often the distributor who selects you will give you some helps in your training to get started.


With a Multilevel Marketing, you hired by someone who's already in the game. You may visit one of their sales events and used the products. After that, once you show concern, you may have attended a meeting to learn more about the company. You'll be asked to confirm (sign) a deal and buy inventory. Once those actions are done, you can start.


The plan: This is the overall plan, including business selling and compensation plans.


Sponsor: This refers to the agent who directly hires another person into the company.


Recruit: This is a person who induced into the company by a sponsor as a new branch. Beginners are taught by their sponsor or by more knowledgeable representatives.


Downline: The recruits brought in under you. This can include people you've recruited and those your recruits have induced into the business.


Upline: This consists of the sponsors who came in afore you. 


Compensation plan: This describes all the ways agent earn money. Along with cut (commissions ) on sales made by you and your partners, many companies pay rewards and improve commission cuts based on sales volume.



1. Cost-effective strategy

2. Practice makes you perfect

3. Flexibility

4. Self-esteem

5. Tax advantages

6. Potential income

7. Work as owner

8. Modernization



1. Illegal scheme

2. Rejected

3. Low income

4. Negative perception 

5. Discourage 

6. You are just a distributor 


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