Static Website Design

Static Website Design means a web page with fixed content. Static websites are very fundamental websites and easy to create in comparison to Dynamic Websites. In the creation of Static Websites there is no requirement of Database Design or Web Programing. To create Static Website Designing there is only requirement of some HTML pages a domain name and simply publish them to a web server.

Static Website Design

                                              Static Website Designing is for the people who want to post similar information about their company or themselves. If you need regular updates for your website then you should go for a Dynamic Website Designing.

                                              Since Static Websites contain fixed amounts of code it simply means that the content of the page will not change unless it was updated by the developer. This method works very well for small websites like websites containing 5 to 10 pages, but it will become very difficult to maintain for Websites that contain hundreds or thousands of pages. Therefore big or heavy websites are made using Dynamic Website Designing method because if your website contains similar type of pages then in Dynamic Website just create one page and fetch every data from database as your requirement, it reduces the headache of creating multiple pages which have similar design. It makes it easy to update several pages at once, and helps in providing the consistent layout throughout the website.  


Advantages of Static website

  1. Take less time to develop
  2. Fast
  3. Develop in low-cost
  4. Easy to host
  5. Easier for searches engine to index

Disadvantages of Static website

  1. It may cost more in longer run
  2. Limited functionality
  3. Content get stagnant
  4. Not good for long run
  5. For any changes you need to wait for you web developer until they have time to make changes


Why us?

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